Youth Engagement

Our Youth Team engage young people from all backgrounds irrespective of physical ability and mental health from an early age. It’s a place where socio-economic boundaries are broken down, where young people are encouraged to learn new skills, hobbies and develop a positive sense of self-worth. 

As children mature, activities and opportunities change; they volunteer, help to run activities for younger members and go on to become mentors and role models. Recreational activities include, but are not restricted to, social events, informal education sessions, a range of sports, arts, crafts, cookery, dance, drama, filmmaking, photography, music, recording sessions. Informal education sessions include cultural heritage, interfaith, sound engineering and more. 

All sessions, where possible, are adapted for on and offline delivery and all activities focus on the positive mental health and wellbeing of our youth.

Children attend from a young age and ‘grow up’ feeling part of a community of youth. As the children become teenagers, they help to lead activities, go on to volunteer and eventually some become Youth Leaders themselves. 


At the heart of The Zone is our family fun Café. Here you will find great coffee, a selection of teas, a delicious range of Zone cooked meals and baked treats. 

Families are welcome to bring their children, grandchildren, extended family and meet up with friends after school to enjoy the easy going atmosphere, where children can play freely under the supervision of the adults who bring them.

All dishes are kosher and meat free. 

  • Enjoy meeting up with friends after school and give the kids a healthy Zone cooked tea
  • Call in for a coffee / tea to stay or take away
  • You’re welcome to bring your laptop and work from the café through the day
  • Order from the only kosher pizza take away in Leeds 
  • All our food is under the supervision of The Leeds Beth Din and lots of dishes can be made to take away 

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This is where amazing things happen!
Zone members in high school can use the media suite to unleash their creativity.
If they have (or want to have) an interest in music / film / photography, they can call in to the studio to see what they can do. With many years professional experience behind them, our expert staff are here to guide, mentor and help our members look and sound their best each and every project.

To make sure our members get the most from their recording time, we use a booking system for the studio. Check out the gallery to see some our previous projects.
If you would like to find out more or make a booking, please
email Simon here.


Throughout the year The Zone hosts interactive themed social nights for different age groups. 
These nights are all about social engagement and the feel good factor. 
It’s crucial to find different ways to outreach to young people as some do experience social isolation or loneliness during their teen years. 
Our social evenings help to combat social anxiety which has escalated post Covid. 



The Zone runs a range of club activities after school and during holidays using various themes, mediums and platforms including, but not limited to, sport, science, media, music, cookery, art, drama, dance and more. These activities are inclusive for all, irrespective of physical ability and mental health. They aim to inspire young people and create gateways to exciting new hobbies and opportunities for youth. 

Alongside the structured activities, The Zone offer Drop In sessions for young people to literally drop in anytime to enjoy the facilities without joining a structured event. Young people at The Zone are encouraged to make their own choices about their Zone experience including which activities they join. If they don’t fancy something structured, being in a safe space, socialising with friends has equal value and is great for their wellbeing.  



Young people benefit from gaining knowledge and skills at The Zone. They enjoy learning through ‘doing’ and ‘experiencing’, be that how to bake, cook, make jewellery, learn DJ skills, sound engineering, engage in positive discussion and debate, film and video producing and so much more. Formal Jewish learning takes place via Zone Ed in partnership with The Leeds Jewish Education Authority. Other educational workshops vary throughout the year. 



The Zone enables teenagers to learn leadership and other skills by way of various volunteering programmes including DofE and The Zone’s Leeds Leaders courses. These opportunities enhance personal statements, CV's and job applications as well as developing core life skills such as resilience, teamwork, time management and taking responsibility.



The Zone enables young people the chance to strengthen their identity and learn about other faiths by taking part in a range of cultural, interfaith and chag / festival experiences. They learn about their communities, what they can gain from being an active member and how they can give back.

Having such experiences at a young age not only benefits them, it gives young people the chance to meet and learn about each other breaking down boundaries and cultural stereotypes.




If you split the word community you get ‘common and unity’. 
What we have in common is what unites us and what makes us a community. 

At The Zone, our members make up one great cohesive community of youth. Our partnerships go further than our local community as we work across the City of Leeds and beyond. 

Whilst our team is driven by a vision for a long-term unique and safe place for children and youth, we host inter-generational activities which promote good citizenship with as well as youth volunteering opportunities. 

Further afield; we are very proud to be involved with The JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) and The ECJC (European Council of Jewish Communities), attending conferences across Europe contributing and learning to ensure continuous development and best practice. 


The Zone offers a diverse programme, irrespective of religiosity, socio economic circumstances, mental health and physical ability.

We are a proud Jewish Community Centre where we celebrate our rich, traditional culture and heritage and where we welcome and celebrate many other faiths and cultures. 

Our main focus is always the youth. Young people gain confidence and self-esteem from a sense of belonging. That in turn has a positive impact on them becoming active in our local and wider community.