At The Zone, every young person matters.
Our commitment is to offer new and exciting experiences and opportunities by inspiring and empowering young people to learn and develop within a safe and secure environment, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.



Our Youth Team engage young people, irrespective of physical ability and mental health, from their early years to becoming adults. It's a place where socio-economic boundaries are broken down, where young people are encouraged to learn new skills, hobbies and develop a positive sense of self-worth.



The Zone is an established Charity. We run a Youth Support Service with Leaders who are trained to work with young people going through a range of challenges. As national figures demonstrate, the need for support is increasing. This is reflected in the demand for our confidential services.


Responding To Covid

We had to work quickly to move our services online, dealing with the immediate challenges whilst planning for the issues arising from the pandemic and for the post pandemic trauma.

We set up a hybrid programme of online and offline activities using different platforms to meet specific needs, always complying with safeguarding and child protection legislation. The most obvious needs were social interaction, ensuring our users were not left isolated or lonely and preventing anxiety from escalating resulting in panic attacks.

We set up an emergency confidential phone line and a chat line ensuring a Safeguarding Lead was always on call.

As the pandemic progressed, we expanded our programme to address even more complex needs and offered small group sessions and one to ones by video link, chat, phone or offsite visits. We set up a Parent Support Group that was run by Parent Coaches, together with a Well-Being Practitioner and Psychotherapist.

Our Centre is once again fully open and flourishing.

The majority of young people are delighted to be back again and taking part in face to face activities, however, Coronavirus exacerbated the demand for Youth Support, so we continue to deal with the escalation in demand.

Youth Engagements (Contacts) - Annual Average